QVSB Co-ed Tee Ball


In-house QVSB league for 4-6 year-old boys and girls

One game and one practice per week (with possible additional optional practice time)

3-4 inning games with everyone playing the entire time

All games and practices at Sewickley area fields

Typically 6-8 teams with 8-10 players per team

Requires 3-4 volunteer coaches per team


Birthdates from 01/01/2009 through 12/31/2010

All first year players will be requested to play Tee Ball.  Players have the option of playing Modified Coach Pitch if they have the baseball skills and the patience and attention span for a more structured baseball game. Coaches and Commissioner will assess skills of first-year players interested in Modified Coach Pitch.


Season begins in mid-March and ends in mid-June One weekday practice per week – 1 hour duration and set One weekend game – typically 60 minutes per game

Playing Time and Positions:

Continuous batting order of all players in attendance

No outs or scores are recorded – everyone gets one at bat per inning

All players rotate each inning and get a chance to play all positions during the course of the season (as long as safety is not a concern, e.g. catching ball at 1st base)

Everyone plays in the field each inning, both infield and outfield each game

Developmental Objectives:

100% instructional league

Learn baseball/softball basics including safety, positions, and sportsmanship

Learn fundamentals of fielding, throwing, batting and base running

Development Goal – Have FUN and develop fundamental baseball/softball skills to set foundation for modified or regular coach-pitch within 1-2 years.

Equipment and Uniforms:

Player provides baseball glove

Players are given a team hat and jersey

League provides all other needed equipment that is shared for games and practices

Awards and Recognition:

No league all-stars or tournament teams

Each player is recognized for participation with a trophy at end of season


Parents of all QVSB participants may be asked to volunteer in the concession stand for at least one game during the season.