8U Coach Pitch Softball


Combined QVSB and Avonworth league for 6-8 year-old girls

Typically 2-3 teams with 8-10 players per team

Requires 3-4 volunteer coaches per team


Birthdates from 01/01/2006 through 12/31/2008.

Players born after 12/31/2008 may request participation which may be allowed subject to approval of Coaches and Commissioner based upon skills assessment.


Practices begin mid-March

Games begin mid-April and go through mid-June

Indoor practices may be added if space is available

Typically one or two games and one practice (1 hour in length) per week

Playing Time and Positions:

Continuous batting order of all players in attendance

3 outs per inning, 5 runs max per team per inning

Pitches per batter is limited to avoid long innings

Everyone plays in the field each inning

Players rotate each inning and get a chance to play multiple positions during the course of the season

Developmental Objectives:

100% instructional league

Continue developing softball basics including fielding, throwing, batting and base running

Catcher introduced to encourage more strategy and field awareness

Encourage recognition and selection of pitches for batter to hit; batters can strike out but there are no walks

Development goal – Have FUN and develop fundamental softball skills to set a foundation for player-pitch within 1-2 years

Awards and Recognition:

No league champion or playoffs. All players will receive a trophy at the end of the season.


Parents of children playing games at Legacy Fields of Bouchard Family Park will be required to volunteer in the concession stand for at least one game each.